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Zeitreise durch Sächsische Industriegeschichte
Zeitreise durch Sächsische Industriegeschichte
Time Travel through Saxon Industrial History
The Industrial Museum in Chemnitz is a fascinating place that presents the history of Saxon industry in an impressive way. A former foundry hall of the machine tool factory Hermann und Alfred Escher AG houses an extensive collection of historical exhibits that reflect the development of industrial history in Saxony from the beginning of industrialization to the present day. Here you can marvel at machines and equipment that are still in working order and that once shaped the working world in Chemnitz. The former importance of Chemnitz as the 'Saxon Manchester' is also the subject of the exhibition. Particularly impressive are the steam engine, which is electrically operated for show purposes, the historic locomotive and the many textile machines, from the Crompton mule to the sewing automat. For technology enthusiasts, a visit to the Industrial Museum is a must. The exhibition is not only informative, but also extremely entertaining and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the past at first hand. A visit to the Industrial Museum provides a lively insight into the industrial history of Saxony. However, a visit is not only recommended for technology and history enthusiasts, but for everyone who wants to embark on an exciting, interactive journey into the past.
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