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Duft in einer seiner schönsten Varianten
Fragrance in one of its most beautiful variants
When people longing for coffee enter the coffee roastery Bohnenmeister in the Wirkbau, they are immediately and gently enveloped by the special aroma. Located directly under the imposing bell tower of the former warp knitting machine building, which has been repurposed in a variety of cultural and business-oriented ways, the glass coffee factory, which can already be described as venerable, offers everything a person's heart could possibly desire in terms of the inspiring, hot beverage. Raw beans of the "Coffea Arabica" variety are roasted and then offered for consumption. It is also possible to purchase special coffees for different types of preparation and quite unusual coffee utensils. And it is like this: At some point, you have to leave this fragrant realm, but not without a small longing that arises from the pleasure of leaving.
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