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Geheimnisse unter, Schönheit über der Erde
Secrets below, beauty above the earth
Kaßberg is home to elegant villas, lovingly decorated facades and the home of Bauhaus designer Marianne Brandt. Under the Kaßberg: an extensive underground network of vaults that were once used to store beer, wine and food. At the foot of the Kaßberg, not far from the historic market hall, a small door leads into the exciting underground realm. Wine, beer and food were once stored here, and today you can immerse yourself in the history of the district on guided tours through the corridors. But it's not just the architecture, but also the green spaces such as Gerhard-Hauptmann-, Kaiser-, Stephan-, Wieland- and Andréplatz that give Kaßberg a pleasant atmosphere. In the cozy pubs and restaurants you will find a wide selection of culinary highlights and beautiful places to linger Kaßberg is one of the largest contiguous Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian style districts in Europe.
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