Tradition meets modernity, Lessing and Jägermeister, old half-timbered houses and young ideas combine and the result is something very special.
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    Ein bibliophiles Paradies
    Duke August Library
    No wonder, since it housed the largest collection of books in Europe and an impressive collection of medieval manuscripts. However, it was not Duke Julius who was responsible for its construction, but Duke August the Younger, who later gave it its name. The highly educated duke was always fond of books and brought his entire library to Wolfenbüttel during his reign. When the well-read duke passed away in 1666, the "Bibliotheca Augusta" already comprised 35,000 volumes. Please note: The library can currently only be admired from the outside. This video provides an insight into the magnificent museum rooms: To YouTube. The current library building was built at the end of the 19th century in the style of a Florentine palazzo and replaced the dilapidated famous library rotunda of the previous century. Today, the imposing building houses a modern research library of international standing. The collection of the Herzog August Bibliothek, or HAB for short, contains approximately one million volumes, of which around 350,000 are from the 15th to 18th centuries.Guests from all over the world visit the museum rooms of the library to marvel at the bibliophile gems of bygone times. The treasure of treasures in the "Bibliotheca Augusta" and visitor magnet par excellence is the Gospels of Henry the Lion, which was auctioned in London in 1983 for 32.5 million DM. One of the most magnificent and art-historically valuable manuscripts of the Middle Ages has now found its final and prominent place in Wolfenbüttel.
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